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Flare Absorb: Restores HP if hit by a fire-type move.

Ghastly Body: Lowers the Opponent's Sp Def and Defense if hit on contact.

Gravitation: Gives full immunity to ground type moves and prevents from being hit by moves that makes the user not airborne.

Hallucination: Contact with the Pokemon may confuse the Target.

Strength Builder: Boosts the Attack stat once every turn.

Infatuation: Enables the User to infatuate all genders.

Life Sapper: Drains 1/8 of the Opponent's health if hit by an attack.

Shadow Terrain: Boosts the power of Dark and Ghost Type based moves and prevents from being hit from priority damage.

Shapeshifter: The Pokemon transforms into the opponent's Pokemon if sent out in battle. This effect wears off if the user is hit twice in battle.
Here a fanmade Pokemon game I'm thinking of: Pokemon Radiant Light and Pokemon Terrestrial Dark...

here's new things...:
1. Your Pokemon can now Follow you!
2. New and improved version of Pokemon Refresh (dress them up, play mini games with them and check where they like getting touched! (Purple means they love that spot, Red means they hate getting touched here)
3. You can Activate the Translator to hear your Pokemon speaking English!
4. The Pokemon still have 3D models, but there's a fun new way to explore!
5. Version exclusive Pokemon are in both games now!
6. You can evolve Pokemon without trading them! All new Pokemon of 1280 variants to discover!
7. Legendaries make a return from previous generations! You can catch them in all areas without hacking or having a mystery gift!
8. Artist's Pokemon will be included in the game, they will be credited if done so.
9. You're allowed to choose all 3 starters of your choice from each generation!
10. If you beat the game the second time, you'll receive a minor legendary as another starter!
copied this from a bro...

Da are going to get rid of some adcount they considered "fake"

If you don't want to get your adcount gone
Then put this on your profile

"I hope this isn't fake, but for safety:
As of May the twenty first, deviantART will be deleting ALL dA accounts. Not the plz accounts though. But just all name-wasted accounts, or accounts that we think are fake, or that are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly may happen in the future. If we find this message on you're deviantID, journal, etc. We will know that you are not a fake.

Thank you for listening,

-deviantART staff"