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#1027: Spelitrick :iconk-egg:K-Egg 1 2 #2019: Jewelement :iconk-egg:K-Egg 5 1 #294: Arteberg V3 :iconk-egg:K-Egg 5 2 #1149: Shiromon V2 (white) :iconk-egg:K-Egg 4 5 #1148: Dynamini :iconk-egg:K-Egg 5 5 #???: Genecrater V2 :iconk-egg:K-Egg 3 2 Krookastax, Crooked Dino Fakemon :iconk-egg:K-Egg 3 0 Bandistax, Dino Bandit Fakemon :iconk-egg:K-Egg 2 0 Lunatie drawing (no shades) :iconk-egg:K-Egg 8 21 Intelliken, Intelligence Fakemon :iconk-egg:K-Egg 4 2 Octobrain, Smartie Fakemon :iconk-egg:K-Egg 5 4 #???: Brainiac V4 :iconk-egg:K-Egg 2 0 #728: Kamazuyake :iconk-egg:K-Egg 5 3 #727: Scaldra :iconk-egg:K-Egg 4 0 #726: Cinadsu :iconk-egg:K-Egg 5 2 #???: Brainien/Psykrang :iconk-egg:K-Egg 6 4


#185 Morsis V2 :iconsmiley-fakemon:Smiley-Fakemon 311 61 #??? Morsis :iconsmiley-fakemon:Smiley-Fakemon 148 16 #185 Morsis (Wrath Form) :iconsmiley-fakemon:Smiley-Fakemon 460 84 Gift: K-Eggs Lunasis :iconshinyraupy:ShinyRaupy 11 5 Almare - Request :iconshinyraupy:ShinyRaupy 9 5 Marshadow :iconzipo-chan:Zipo-Chan 55 3 Sick :icongloriouslayde:gloriouslayde 15 4 Crying :icongloriouslayde:gloriouslayde 25 13 Gloomdweller :icongloriouslayde:gloriouslayde 37 2 Gloomy :icongloriouslayde:gloriouslayde 26 2 Marshadow :iconalmoprs:Almoprs 42 5 Curiosity :iconkaiserdragonian:KaiserDragonian 195 42 SPOILER - Marshadow :icondevildman:DevilDman 123 33 Marshadow Pokemon :iconwolfen-c:Wolfen-C 216 33 Mercute sketchs :iconlukeacioli:lukeacioli 28 2 057 - Mercute :iconlukeacioli:lukeacioli 36 2





#1027: Spelitrick
Spelitrick (Spell + Magician + Trick) (evolves from Hexard/Hexician at LV47)
Magician Pokemon.
Type: :iconghosttypeplz::iconfairytypeplz:
height: 7.11
weight: 41.7lbs.
Ability: Trace, Synchronise, Technician, Telepathy.
Hidden Ability: Magician.
Signature Move: Multi-Spell (The user fires a random spell at the target. This attack will always land a super-effective hit and has a 75% chance of landing a critical hit)

Pokedex Entry: Spelitrick are intelligent spell-casters that can cast almost anything with its legendary wand. Spelitrick don't like to be disturbed during their casting spells, otherwise it will frustrate them and attack the interrupter. Spelitrick can talk using telepathy and can turn anything into Pokemon.
#2019: Jewelement
Jewelement (Jewellery + Elemental)
Multitype Pokemon.
Type: :iconnormaltypeplz: (changes type of which plate or drive Jewelement is holding)
height: 5.07
weight: 88.3lbs
Ability: Multi-Type.
Signature Move: Multi-Strike (the user strikes a powerful attack at the opponent, this move depends what type the user is)

Pokedex Entry: Jewelement are the 3rd legendary Pokemon to have variety types with Arceus and Silvally. This Pokemon was also man-made into a scary terrifying strong Jewel that can summon fists from its wispy-like body. The colour crystal and wispy aura changes colour depending what Jewelement's type becomes.
#294: Arteberg V3
Arteberg (Arternia + Oseberg)
Dragon Ship Pokemon.
Type: :iconwatertypeplz::icondragontypeplz:
height: 25.35
weight: 1004.2lbs.
Ability: Primordal Sea.
Signature Move: Tidal Tsunami (The user calls a huge wave, washing everything out of area. This may lower the opponent's Sp Def or Accuracy When hit)

Pokedex entry: Arteberg is the 4th Water Type Legendary of all Pokemon. Vikings use to ride this Pokemon to the seas. Arteberg has the ability to call a thunderstorm and a tsunami when the terrible rain weather starts. Arteberg are dangerous, But they have the same doings like Lapras and is able to learn some electric type moves.
#1149: Shiromon V2 (white)
Shiromon (Shiro + Pokémon) (evolves from Dynamini with Max Friendship)
Bomber Pokemon.
Type: :iconvarioustypeplz: (depends what plate or memory drive Shiromon is holding)
height: 3.07
weight: 21.3lbs.
Ability: Multitype.
Signature Move: Multi-Bomb (the user throws a massive bomb onto the ground, detonating everything around it. This move depends on what type the user is)

Pokedex Entry: Shiromon are the new multi-type legendary mythical Pokemon as it came from another dimension. Shiromon love to battle and are a bit yet playful. They love to explode each other with their own bombs but they do not faint from their own explosions. Shiromon accept friendship, but can behave very differently towards others.
#1148: Dynamini
Dynamini (Dynamite + Mini) (evolves into Shiromon with Max Friendship)
Tiny Bomber Pokemon.
Type: :iconnormaltypeplz:
height: 1.04
weight: 10.3lbs.
Ability: No Guard, Sturdy.
Signature Move: Dynamite Derby (The user throws dynamites and bombs all around the area, exploding on all targets on when hit.)

Pokedex entry: Dynamini are the pre-evolution forms of its legendary evolution, Shiromon. They are really playful and do enjoy taking on foes and battles. Dynamini have different attitudes and the panel on their chest changes colour, depending on how Dynamini is feeling.
Flare Absorb: Restores HP if hit by a fire-type move.

Ghastly Body: Lowers the Opponent's Sp Def and Defense if hit on contact.

Gravitation: Gives full immunity to ground type moves and prevents from being hit by moves that makes the user not airborne.

Hallucination: Contact with the Pokemon may confuse the Target.

Strength Builder: Boosts the Attack stat once every turn.

Infatuation: Enables the User to infatuate all genders.

Life Sapper: Drains 1/8 of the Opponent's health if hit by an attack.

Shadow Terrain: Boosts the power of Dark and Ghost Type based moves and prevents from being hit from priority damage.

Shapeshifter: The Pokemon transforms into the opponent's Pokemon if sent out in battle. This effect wears off if the user is hit twice in battle.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm 15 years old. I like drawing fakemon. That's it.

My favourite fakemon's from :iconsmiley-fakemon: are Purgast, Cobrus, Vivorin, Nemobe, Osorochi, Inkami, Orugoh, Diplovern, Petracaul, Snew, Neow, Emptite, The Starter Pokemon's (Dilloom, Dynamouse and Basilil) Dracobra, Nuphore, Mizumi and last but not least, my favourite dark legendary cutie! Morsis :3

I need you to follow :iconsmiley-fakemon: because he has wonderful fakemon art, especially his cute Morsis :3. So would ou mind giving him a warm welcome by watching him? :3

My pokesona is Katie (or me of course) she's either a Lunatie or a Morsis, she has two friends called Alex (she's a Vivorin) and Jesse (he's a Purgast) because they had great fun with each other. Also Katie understands what Morsis says to her, especially if he doesn't get used to what she's doing.


Mega/Primal Fakemon/Pokemon
Mega evolutions and Primal reverses
Pseudo Legendaries
Pokemon/Fakemon that look almost like legendaries.
Major Legendary Pokemon
Big strong legendaries that are the rulers of some sort of world or can protect their territory
Minor Legendary Pokemon
It's any minor legendary! For example, some fakemon and pokemon ones.
Easy fakemon to draw
It's just like starters or anything. It could be an inanimate object pokemon too. Or anything.


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